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Transportation Services in India

Transportation of fly ash is problematic. We provide transportation of fly ash in bulk by railway tankers or road tankers, suitably fabricated and equipped. Automatic loading and unloading through compressor / vacuum pumps mounted on the tankers is utilized.

Fly Ash Handling Services

Fly Ash Handling Services in India

With a team of experienced personnel in the implementation of Ash Handling systems, we are in a position to offer the most comprehensive range of Ash Handling Systems matched by few.

Fly Ash Transportation By Rail

Fly Ash Handling Services in India

One of the greatest hindrances posed to users of fly ash is the high transportation cost of ash. In this regard, it is increasingly being suggested to transport fly ash by rail and that’s what we do. We extensively use railways to transport fly ash over longer distances; hence, it considerably reduces transportation cost.

Fly Ash Transportation By Road

Fly Ash Handling Services in India

Neither of the fly ash users seems willing to pay for the transportation of fly ash. So we have made every effort to offer our customer with lowest comparable transportation cost. It is economically viable by road to transport fly ash only for about few kilometers.

Jumbo Bag Handling

Jumbo Bag Handling Services in India

Popularity of big bag/jumbo bag is still growing in the field of packaging and transportation. We offer handling services of jumbo bags for safe packing, storing and transporting. We have all modern equipments and experienced staff who are aware every single aspect of jumbo bag handling.

Consulting Services

Fly Ash Consulting Services in India

Fly Ash Movers India Pvt Ltd is a reliable name in the industrial world for offering integrated consultancy services for fly ash utilization, handling, pricing and setting up fly Ash based product manufacturing unit. Its various services are: New Project Identification, Market Surveys and Studies, Manufacturing Process or Equipment required, General Guidance, etc.

Rack Handling

Fly Ash Consulting Services in India

We undertake all kinds of wagons BOX N, BCN, Pneumatic and materials like cement, coal, iron ore, fly ash, etc. loading and unloading with shifting. We have all the equipments for this purpose like pokeland machine, loader, JCB, trailer, Hyva, etc.

Bulker Sale/Purchase

Bulker Sale Purchase in India

We sale and purchase Bulker/Capsule Trucks. If you are looking to sell or buy a used bulker we assure you to give best offer in the market.

Cenosphere Trading

Cenosphere Suppliers in India

We are one of the prime traders of cenosphere in India, which is widly acclaimed by the clients owing to their good quality and regular supply in all packing standards. We collect cenosphere from all major power plants in Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh.

Alternative Fuel Trading

Alternative Fuel Suppliers in India

Rice Husk, Paddy Straw and Carbon Powder are the materials which can be used as alternative fuels in industries like Bio Mass, Cement, Steel Plant, Paper Mill, etc. We are one of the major suppliers of these products.

Fly Ash Trading

Fly Ash Trader in India

We also trade in fly ash. Fly Ash Mover India Pvt Ltd is a major suppliers of Fly Ash in India.

Loose Cement Transportation

Loose Cement Transportation in India

Transportation of loose cement is a challenging task, which are commiting successfully since last 15 years.


We organise online bidding for bulk sale and purchase of various products.